Where We Fly

Field EntranceNew Runway Extension

Our field is located off the Hwy 74, 1.5 miles from I-85 South at the Peachtree City exit.

From the North

From the I-85 side heading South on Hwy 74. After passing the Landrum Road 4-way light get ready to turn RIGHT. SLOW DOWN OR YOUR GONNA MISS IT!!!! GET OVER TO THE RIGHT!

Continue to Thompson Road which is next available left, DON'T TURN LEFT!!! GO SLOW. Look for a little house on right side of Hwy 74 and turn right into the drive way just PAST the house.

Enter thru the gate and follow the gravel road back to field. The field is back in the property about 1800 feet.

From the South

From Peachtree City, on Hwy 74 as you pass the Wendell Coffee golf course turn left at Thompson road head back South on 74 and turn in the driveway to the field as above.

Remember the field is gated, club members need to be present to gain access. If the gate is open, come on in for a visit!

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